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It is with mixed emotions that I've decided to retire at the end of 2017. I'm looking forward to whatever life has in store for me down this long and winding road.

Thank you all so very much for giving me the opportunity to train your pups!

Services Offered

Team with Waggin' Tails Dog Training and your household will soon be a happy, healthy and balanced environment for all humans and pets sharing it!

For any services not listed here, please call or text 262-880-8609 or email us at info@waggintailsdogtraining.com.*

Puppy Basic Training

$525 for 5-lesson package

Start your puppy's education by building a strong foundation of positive communication between your new pup and all family members. Household manners as well as simple obedience commands will be introduced. We'll work on developing social skills with people and other dogs. This is where we teach your puppy--in a positive and fun way--the fundamentals of learning.  

Basic Obedience

$525 for 5-lesson package

Here we introduce basic obedience behaviors such as "Sit," "Down," "Stay," "Come," and "Heel." Because each program is personally customized, however, keep in mind that we can design a program to suit your specific training goals. Additional commands may include "Off," "Wait," "Leave-It," and "Give."

Advanced Obedience

$550 for 5-lesson package

As your dog matures both physically and mentally, we move on to refining basic commands and start off-leash training. Positive reinforcement training methods are used that include food, verbal and physical rewards. Recommended for dogs that have graduated at the top of their class from Basic Obedience Training.

Behavior Modification

$675 for 5-lesson package

Having difficulty finding solutions to certain behavior problems? We will customize lessons to achieve your specific training goals. Situations needing to be addressed can include honing your leadership skills, restructuring the household from dog-in-charge to humans-in-charge, correcting anti-social behavior, controlling leash aggression, food or object guarding, dealing with fearfulness, separation anxiety, and more.

Buddy is a very well-balanced boy

Hey, this is kinda fun!

Racine Public Library program participants

Rosie is willing to jump through hoops for me!

Bizzy up 'n' over!

Okay, I've had enough, Teach.

We Train, You Maintain

$1350 for 12-lesson package

  $625 for 5-lesson package

This popular training option is perfect for the busy professional or "soccer mom." Real-life situations may come up that interfere with the best-laid training plans. We'll see to it that your dog's education isn't interrupted, even if your life is. We train your dog according to your goals while you are busy with work, kid car-pooling, errands, or play. Then we show you how to maintain those skills/commands with convenient review sessions.

Tracy's Board & Train

Cost and length of stay

to be determined

Could your dog benefit from 24/7, one-on-one attention to hone its household manners? Need a place where you know your dog will be safely cared for and its training continued while you're away on business or vacation? We offer our established clients a variety of packages designed specifically for your dog. You can rest assured that your canine kid will be a welcome visitor in a healthy home environment, where proper pooch etiquette rules.

Multiple-Dog Households

$755 (and up) for 5-lesson package

The dynamics of your household "pack" change considerably when you introduce a second (or third) dog to it. Lessons will address the needs of each individual dog while working to ensure a harmonious pack environment.

Public/Group Speeches or Presentations

$150 per hour plus mileage and expenses

This service brings Tracy to your dog-related event or meeting to speak on various training topics that your group is interested in. Where appropriate, she may be accompanied by one or more of her own kidz. She will provide tips on canine behavior and demonstrate reward-based training techniques. The presentation ends with a question and answer session from the audience.

Terms and Conditions

By booking your first appointment, you agree to Terms and Conditions as stated herein.

1. Payment in full due at first session.
2. No returns or refunds. If the client is unable to complete purchased lessons for any reason, they will be forfeited.
3. If it is necessary for the client to reschedule or cancel a lesson, it must be done 24 hours prior to lesson. If not, that lesson may be forfeited.
4. Client is responsible for payment of all monies due per training package, whether or not s/he chooses to complete all lessons.

5. Should the client choose to cancel a training package for any reason after the first appointment is booked, a 10% cancellation fee may be assessed. 
6. Packages are valid for three (3) months from first session.
7. Except for emergencies, client agrees to refrain from cell phone use during lessons.



"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly dog." ~Edward Hoagland

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