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It is with mixed emotions that I've decided to retire at the end of 2017. I'm looking forward to whatever life has in store for me down this long and winding road.

Thank you all so very much for giving me the opportunity to train your pups!


Here's what clients are saying about Tracy:

"What I enjoyed most about our training experience was Tracy's 'down-to-earth' attitude. No question is a bad one, and her knowledge was extremely valuable. I learned something new and important each session." John McPherrin, Winnetka IL


"Tracy provided knowledgeable, positive training, logical explanations of procedures, new focus each time, journal of behaviors since last training, as well as training time, goal setting at end of each lesson, thoroughness of lesson and involvement during lessons--kind and positive approach to both dog and owners. We couldn't have been happier with your approach and positive, upbeat personality. You conveyed an excellent psychological awareness of behavior. Thank you for showing us "the way." Martha Hershenson, Lake Forest IL


"Thank you so much Tracy for your amazing positive spirit. You made Jolene's training sessions so enjoyable. I wish I could have you come by every week indefinitely!" Chad Schuety, Highland Park IL


"I can't say enough about the training and the work and care that Tracy has put into our case. She is wonderful with our difficult dogs. Rory and Rusty were moments away from being put to sleep...their behavior has changed dramatically. Problem-solving is key--if anything doesn't work, try another approach. Detailed behavioral work with me and my dogs." Kit Schiele, Glencoe IL


"I really enjoyed Tracy's obvious love of dogs and her enthusiasm. She looked very professional and was very approachable and warm. She was great with Max and he liked her immediately. Thank you Tracy!" Mary Kay McCollum, Racine WI

"Tracy's methodology makes tremendous sense. Focus is on positive reinforcement and logical consequences. Behavior has improved!" —Leanne Nathan, Northbrook IL

"Tracy was such a pleasure to work with and learn from! She seems to never run out of ideas and ways to train and challenge Philly. I have and will continue to sing your praises to all!" Michelle Paul, Wilmette IL

"I loved the specialized training for my personal situation. Ty was just over a year old, no formal training, a strong dog. I learned obedience methods that worked perfectly for me and Ty's personality. Ty controlled me before I worked with Tracy--now I'm in control and both Ty and I are very happy with that. Tracy is so positive, energetic, happy--great to work with--obviously loves dogs/animals. She had great ideas for me. Also, when I had a 'crisis' she was very good to talk to and more than happy to help out! She helped me make the right decision at that time!" Thank you very much!" Jodi Joffe, Northbrook IL


"Tracy had an answer for EVERY issue. I never felt like what was going on with Coco was abnormal, or that there was anything that couldn't be trained. The experience was totally, 100% a great one...met all of my expectations." Jennifer Falk, Northbrook IL


"I loved having the training in my own home. I was able to concentrate on the lesson without disturbance from other people with their pets. Since I was a first-time owner of a puppy, I found the training to be extremely valuable and very helpful. Tracy is a world of knowledge. The helpful hints that she gave to compensate for the fact that I had health issues was great!! I do not know what I would have done without her." Rhoda Reisman, Northbrook IL


"Tracy is exceptional! She cares about the dog and thinks creatively about how to handle challenging issues. Above all, she was tremendously supportive of me as an owner. Chester has been a challenging puppy and Tracy gave us some effective strategies to deal with him." Stephanie Joseph, Winnetka IL


"Tracy is awesome...so positive and not judgmental of the poorly trained owner." Elizabeth Parkinson, Winnetka IL


"I learned a lot, and feel like I understand Nestle more...we have a better bond with less stress and anxiety. The kids were present at the last session and we can all speak 'Doglish' together. I enjoyed Tracy coming to our home, and she was 100% reliable!" Laurie Shults, Northbrook IL


Rory & Rusty Schiele

Wrigley Lipe

Max McCollum

Nicholas & Dexter Clonts

Teddy Romito

Mic Michna

Topaz Panthofer

Clyde Brown

Jelly Belly McPherrin

Philly Paul

Nestle Shults

Jolene Diaz-Schuety

"Loved Teddy's response to Tracy's training style. We've had dogs for 25 years and learned tons of stuff we didn't have a clue about. Tracy is a great trainer of both dogs and their parents! Very nice job!" Tony & Carolyn Romito, Glenview IL


"Within two days of adopting Mickey, I realized he had many bad behaviors that my previous dogs didn't have. I didn't know how to deal with them and was ready to return him when I decided to give an S.O.S. to Waggin' Tails. Tracy responded to my call, saying 'there's always hope'--and that was true. After just five sessions, Mickey's manners improved and he is now definitely part of our family. Thanks!" Karla Cavanagh, Glencoe IL


"Thanks for coming to Central School and teaching us about the importance of dog training. Your dogs were great with the kids and you gave a wonderful presentation. The class really enjoyed you!" Sandy Skibitzki, Lake Geneva WI


"While walking through the Humane Society, Topaz captured my son's heart. She was 4.5 years old and had been abused. I had no idea where to begin, and that's where Tracy comes in. She came highly recommended by Havahart Pets. Tracy truly loves dogs and is able to reach them in a gentle yet firm way. She is able to teach owners how to communicate with our four-legged friends so that we can lead them in a happy and mindful way of life. Tracy is a dog whisperer, and an owner whisperer, too!" Dori Panthofer, Racine WI


"Because Annie is deaf it was helpful to have our lessons away from distractions. Tracy was such a positive person that I couldn't help but feel better about Annie's potential. She definitely kept me encouraged! Thanks so much!"  Ingrid Park, Gurnee IL


"I feel that I knew very little about dog training, although I have always had dogs. Wrigley has the potential to be a great dog, I just needed the tools to make that happen. Tracy tells me a lot of information that would not be intuitive to me." Carla Lipe, Winnetka IL

"You run a very professional business that has helped me become a better dog owner, something that will stay with me long beyond Clyde. Thank you--I couldn't have done it without you!" Melissa Brown, Caledonia WI


"Tracy listened to our concerns with Scooby and showed us the easiest way to correct his problematic behaviors. I was surprised at the results we received with Scooby. I'm very proud of what we've accomplished with him and we keep seeing improvement after the training, as well." Laura Fanta, Racine WI


"Millie is now a well-behaved family dog, thanks to you. You taught us how to take control. We now give her one word commands--once!--and reward her for her good behavior. She's such a pleasure and we love her dearly. I was at my wit's end with her--thank you for bringing peace to our family!" Angie Norman, Northbrook IL


"When we met Tracy, we were frustrated. She taught us so much--the big things in how to train, but also the hundred little things that make all the difference! Ella is a pleasure to have around now. You made the training fun!" Jill & Bob Jellinek, Racine WI


"Tracy offered alternative approaches to all our excuses for our inconsistencies, which was most appreciated! We enjoyed Tracy's diplomatic approach to both of us--we needed to hear clear instructions and hers were always excellent. She was fantastic." Meg Boland, Highland Park IL


"Tracy has a very upbeat positive attitude. She made me realize that Pepper was not a lost cause. I not only retrained my dog, I retrained me." Betsy McLinden, Winnetka IL


"My Bulldog Mic's wild, jumping, aggressive behavior diminished when trained by Tracy as early as the second lesson! The training got me 'in tune' with my dog and how to be an effective leader to him. Tracy was knowledgeable, accommodating, courteous and extremely punctual! I can't say enough about the training lessons." Mary Michna, Niles IL


"What we enjoyed the most about our experience with Waggin' Tails Dog Training was the quick results--we thought our dogs were incorrigible!" Craig & Sandra Bayless, Winnetka IL




"Tracy was immediately in touch with ALL of us, and we loved her enthusiasm!" ~Dorothy Parrott, Kenilworth IL



"Tracy knows what she is talking about and I completely trust what she says will work." ~Sue O'Gara, Northbrook IL



"We loved Tracy's friendliness and knowledge...always upbeat and direct." ~David Robinson, Highland Park IL



"Thank you for all your care and concern! I am so pleased to have found Tracy a caring and committed partner in training Dexter. Tracy is excellent!" ~John Clonts, Glenview IL



"The personal attention and the ability to work on issues specific to my dog are what I enjoyed the most." ~Gail Gersh, Highland Park IL



"Tracy is a delight--fun to work with and has a great understanding of dogs. Her approach to training both dog and owner is great." ~Midge Powell, Winnetka IL



"What a great trainer...Tracy rocks!" ~Marge Rodino, Lake Bluff IL



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