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It is with mixed emotions that I've decided to retire at the end of 2017. I'm looking forward to whatever life has in store for me down this long and winding road.

Thank you all so very much for giving me the opportunity to train your pups!


About the Trainer

In the late 1970's I joined the Greater Racine Kennel Club with Beauregard, my first Boxer. Instructors encouraged me to compete in obedience trials throughout the midwest and I earned titles on three of my five Boxers. My breeder, Falkenwood Kennels, began referring clients to me for private training of their pups, adult dogs and boarders. Since that time I have successfully tutored hundreds of dogs and their owners--from Toy Chihuahuas and Papillions to Great Danes, Labradoodles, Italian Bergamascos, and Newfoundlands.

As Behavioral Consultant for a local organization called Animalov during the 1980's, I would do home visit "interventions" in order to teach owners how to handle what they viewed as problems with their pet. My goal was to make sure that the dog was given every chance to stay with its family. Animalov's founder eventually started another organization, H.O.P.E. Safehouse (Hope for Orphaned Pets through Education), which I volunteer for on a regular basis.

My 22 years as Office Manager for the Lakeshores Library System allowed ample opportunities to present a variety of programs on being a responsible pet owner. Eyes would light up as I entered the room with my Boxers. I gave numerous presentations at schools, public libraries and for scout troops around southeastern Wisconsin on the importance of having a well-behaved, trained dog.

At Countryside Humane Society I worked as the Adoption Counselor, was a member of the Public Relations Committee, and volunteered in many other capacities. I matched pre-approved adoption applications with animals in the kennels, striving for the best fit for all involved. I then counseled prospective adopters to ensure that they understood their commitment to a new pet.

Through keen observation, years of hands-on experience, and continuing education I am able to successfully work with owners and their canine companions to improve and solidify the bond between them. Not only will you learn how to teach your dog what behaviors are appropriate but, more importantly, I'll teach you "Doglish"--the only fair and effective way to communicate with each other. Using my tried-and-true recipe of clear communication, consistent training, and lots of practice, patience and praise, you will nurture a relationship that will continue to thrive throughout the course of your dog's lifetime.

My life without dogs would be incomplete. Those of you who share my feelings know how intensely strong and deeply fulfilling the human/canine bond is. I cherish the 40+ years I've spent learning from, caring for, and living with dogs. I have devoted my life to my four-legged "kidz," and they have reciprocated with devotion and love that knows no bounds.

Nothing compares to a waggin' tail thumping against the doorway or a sloppy kiss bestowed upon you when you return home...whether it's after a five-minute or a five-hour absence. My goal is to see that your canine companion is given every opportunity to become a loving and trusted member of your family.

~ Lynn 'Tracy,' Owner/Trainer


Beau, C.D. 1983

Waterford Public Library Program

Dempsey, aka Hintz's Hoot 'n' Holler

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~Gandhi

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