Is Tug-of-War- Bad for Dogs?

Playing Tug with a dog breed Corgi Cardigan

 940-594-5996 Facebook Instagram Youtube Is Tug-of-War Bad for Dogs? Is tug-of-war bad for dogs? How often have you heard that that it will make your dog aggressive or show “dominant” behaviors? That’s a common misconception among pet dog owners, some dog trainers, and some breeders. In fact, there is no eveidence to show that this myth is true. Research […]

Training With Treats

I don't want to use treats a training story synopsis. I don't work for free and I don't expect my dog to either.

Some dog parents view animals, such as dogs, as their property and therefore expect them to do, as they say, the end – we shouldn’t have to pay them with treats. When you set yourself up like this, what happens when your dog doesn’t do as you say the second you ask? Do you let it go, or do you turn to force? Both are problematic.

Dog Leash Training

Let them sniff. Why is it important to let your dog sniff on a walk? Dogs see the world through their noses. Slow. Send back/nephew walks that your dog absorb and process all the sense. Gives you insights into their behaviors. Mentally and physically stimulating. Decreases their heart rate. Decreases their stress levels. Improves behavior. It's their walk not yours.

1. Teach your dog to release leash pressure
2. Eyes on your dog 90% of the time, 10% on surroundings​
3. Reward while walking with a loose leash
4. Take one or two steps and reward at the side of your leg
5. Begin to vary your speed of walking
5. Make turns while always keeping your dog on the outside of your turn
6. DO NOT use the leash to pull your dog to get him to go places