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Get the behavior you want!

Taught in the dog’s least distracting environment first! 

Setting your dog up for success!

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Waggin' Tails Owner, Stephanie, & Max after an Agility Trail
You and your dog deserve customized training!

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Walk & Train - dog in a down stay while on leash.
Private In-Home Training

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What are the benefits of private in-home dog training?

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Set your dog up for success! Learning anything new, even for adults, takes concentration; thus, learning it in an environment where your dog is comfortable and has only the usual distractions is ideal!

Let the trainer come to you! Less time traveling and build it into and around your personal life! After all, dogs are part of the family!

In traditional training classes, your instructor divides their attention between all the student teams; with private in-home training, all of my attention is on you! I ensure you fully understand the training principles so that you can apply them to new situations later in your dog’s life.

Perhaps you need to focus on basic manners, more advanced skills, household-specific issues, need help with a reactive or shy dog, or want to learn trick training! While traditional classes have a pre-set general curriculum, private in-home training is tailored to your training goals, and you can move at your own pace!

For dogs that are shy, fearful, or reactive towards other dogs or strangers, starting with private in-home training and building toward strategic training around triggers can be a lifesaver!

Traditional classes require a certain amount of vaccinations due to being in spaces with other dogs. Private training is in your home and therefore vaccinations are not an issue. PLUS we will cover things many traditional puppy classes fail to address!

Whether you want to get the best start with your puppy, have a dog with impeccable manners, or solve behavior issues, know that I am committed to teaching the most compassionate, humane, and scientifically-sound strategies.

I hope I can be of help!

Stephanie Meeks

Professional, resourceful, patient, and dedicated dog trainer.

Waggin Tails Dog Training

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